Safety Tips When Shopping Online

Now that you now you way through cleaning, you can become your own godmother and start using these amazing life hacks to make your life easy. Happy spring cleaning!We have all been victims when it comes to online shopping. The sites are so deceiving that we have made up our mind that it is reliable until our products get delayed. Months have passed by and no one’s picking up the phone from the other end. That’s when you realize that you have been taken for a ride. It’s a trend today to purchase online, so how do we know if they are actually reliable or not? Here’s a compilations of few tips to determine what sites are safe and what are not.

Go by recommendation

If you’re a newbie, it would be better to use online sites that you know are reliable or a shopping page that a friend has recommended you from their experience. You don’t want your numbers ending up in the wrong place. Sometimes the images can be deceiving. What you order and what arrives can be completely different. This is how they catch you. It’s better to ask from someone before you proceed to buy anything.

Look for the ‘S’

Some of the sites are not secure, and this can steal most of your information can do a lot of damage. Look for the ‘SSL’ code. Sites that begin with ‘http’ instead of ‘https’ means that you are at the wrong page to buy your goods. Look for the locked padlock icon on the search bar. If it’s there, then you’re good to go and make your purchase.

Online scams

Don’t fall for the very low prices. If the price on the items are too good to be true, wait and look for other sites and see if they offer a different price range or slightly similar. This is how scams happen. They trick you into thinking you’ve got a good deal but you end up caught in the net. A valuable brand or an antique that costs so many bucks, when placed at a very low price means something’s not right. Instead of a good custom made hotel furniture you might end up having a cheap couch that you could have brought from a thrift store.

Unclear information

The information you have been given is not transparent. The contact number isn’t there or the refund policy only has two lines with words you can’t understand. This an important sign that you need to close the page and not buy anything. Look for the reviews from other customers before buying any home appliances. If the feedback is bad and there are more complains from the receiving end, it would be a good idea to walk to the trusted furnishing stores and buy your household properties. But be careful from the fake reviews, which has only tone deaf praises and talks about the item technically without any mistakes. This is from the buyer itself.

Listen to your instincts, sometimes the voice in our head knows when something is wrong. If it feels suspicious, then avoid proceeding. This way you can protect your information from others and have your desired item right at your doorstep.