Simple Tips To Fix Your Electrical Goods

When the fridge or any other electrical appliance doesn’t work, every one of us is quite quick to dial the number of the handyman or technician; however, most of the time, these breakdowns are due to simple reasons which have quick DIY fixes. Why waste money on the technician when you can do it yourself?

1. Your fridge – do you own pets around the house? Then, you might have found the reason as to why your fridge is not working: clogged coils. The hairs and fur of pets are a principal reason behind the clogging of coils of refrigerators – apparently, over half of all house calls for fridge repairs cite clogged coils from pet fur as the reason for the breakdown. And the catch? You can clean a clogged coil by yourself just fine – just buy a brush for cleaning coils and clean them with it!

2. Your dishwasher – are your dishes coming as dirty as when you put them in? The reason might actually lie in improper maintenance. The dishwasher has filters that need to be replaced regularly – have you replaced them recently? If not, you have just found your answer; but if you have replaced them, then you might want to move onto checking the float switch. It’s located next to the filters – try switching it on and off. If it still does not work, then it needs to be cleaned. If this doesn’t fix your problem however, you might be in need of dishwasher repairs.

3. Your washing machine – is your washing machine making a horrible racket? Hold the call for washing machine repairs – it might be just a case of poor levelling! When the machine is not levelled properly, it can cause it to rock to and fro quite violently when the laundry spins inside the washing machine. However, it’s nothing too hard to fix – you only have to adjust the legs once again! You have to simply screw down the front legs to level the machine, and gently lift the rear side of the machine and keep it down just as gently to readjust the rear legs. Problem solved!

4. Your oven – if you own an electronic oven, you might find that the oven doesn’t respond to your commands sometimes. This is not because it has stopped working, but most of the time, it’s simply a case where the oven is following some previously programmed instructions – usually the timer. In fact, if your oven doesn’t start baking once you set the settings correctly, the first thing you should check is its status: does it display a reading such as on hold, wait, delay, etc.? if so, you have inadvertently set on the timer. Reset all the instructions by turning off the oven, and then retry – you will see it works just fine!