If Earth Was Given A Paper To Write On

It is important to realise the fact that people should learn to understand the fact that there is something called earth on which the people are just am object. We people are not asked to constrict huge houses on earth and make it hard to live for other animals.

Everyone where given a place to dwell but human beings in name of developing and civilization, they are losing the fact that development is not just for the reason of killing other animals. In name if expanding, we have been destroying the natural places like forests and jungles and not having proper inspection by professionals. We created roads on forest and when any animal closes through the road, people carelessly just kill the animal.


Okay, they are killing animals and other species what happened to preserving our own species. It is funny to see if a dog is hit on road and if another dig sees it, it will make sure if the other dig who is hurt gets well and stays there, until help arrives.

But, human beings play with the lives of another human being carelessly. For example, contractors and building constructors put in bad quality material. The bad quality materials are put forth by the mean people who are trying to cheat people. Basically, after the construction, pool safety inspections Townsville done by officials is not done properly. These people are the ones who get money and sign papers. During a small thunderstorm or due to something else, even if there us small switch, the whole building collapses. 

We are doing no good to any one of the parties inhibiting the earth. We are exploiting everything and everyone this needs to stop. We do not have another earth to live in. We just have one earth and one place where living things can live! We should start to accept the fact that if we do not do anything the world will face a bad end. The future generating might not be able to survive the ugly conditions in the world.

We already have depleted the natural resources and other important factors on earth. The ozone layer depletion is unfortunately is not a myth. People need to understand that if thus continues, people might be reason for their own extinction. 

The concept of aliens coming to our aide is the myth that is not going to happen. There is a high probability that there is a chance of the Illuminati rising and ruling the world. But, seriously, what can they do to the earth? We all have to rectify our mistakes and find ways to help our own self.