How To Steam Clean Your Carpet.

Carpets are not found in one particular culture, country or region, they are popular all across the world due to their unique ability to decorate our homes. However, they are prone to dirt and require regular and proper care and maintenance. Food items and spilled drinks make the bulk of dirt that is found on them. Dust on the other hand is notorious in adhering to carpets’ fibers and therefore not only leads to dust accumulation, but also mildew and mold formation. Filthy carpets look unpleasant and aggravate allergies. Cleaning by use of vacuum cleaners removes most of the dust and dirt but does not leave carpets completely clean. They fail to suck out muddy and oily stains that are embedded in the rug. Steam cleaning is the best technique to be used in the removal of smears and tough stains. It uses a totally different technology that involves the application of temperature and pressure.

Recent research has shown that the use of steam provides the most desirable results in carpet cleaning. High pressure and temperature enables steam cleaners to forcefully blast out mold and dirt from dirty areas. The dirt is then sucked into a powerful vacuum and afterwards moved to a holding tank. Vacuum cleaners do not employ this technology and therefore only remove the surface dirt leaving the oily stains still embedded on the carpets.
Carpet cleaning Frankston is the best solution for people suffering from allergies and asthma. The machine uses a 3-part process in the cleaning of carpets. At first, it sprays cleaning solution into the rug fibers. A brush is then used to vigorously scrub the carpet deep into its fibers. Lastly, the vacuum system sucks up the dirty solution which has been created by the previous processes leaving the carpet completely freshened up.
Before using steam cleaners, all the furniture must be removed to leave the carpet area completely free. Larger dustparticles are removed by using regular vacuum cleaners. A carpet cleaning solution is then placed on the oily dirty areas. The cleaning mixture for the steam cleaner is prepared and fed to the device. Once the machine is ready to use, it is placed in a strategic area of the carpet to allow cleaning in regular patterns avoiding the saturation of some areas of the carpet. The cord is then plugged to the steam cleaner and a nearby electrical outlet. After cleaning is completed, the widows should be opened and the fan switched on to enable faster drying of the carpet. The cleaned area should not be treaded upon until drying is complete. Summer is the preferred season for this type of cleaning as the heat facilitates faster drying of the rug or carpet.
Today various models of steam cleaners are available. Owning such equipment is no longer seen as a luxury like as it was in the past. The latest models to be developed are about the same size as ordinary dry cleaners and can easily fit in closets. They widely range in terms of prices, but you can always rent one or employ professional services if purchasing seems like an unnecessary expense.