Things To Know When Moving To A New Home

Moving to a new house should be exciting, not stressful. If you are currently struggling with packing all your things to move to a new place, maybe you need house movers that will help you or here are several tips that will save your sanity (and some time):
1. Plan Moving Goods in Advance
Don’t wait till the last moment to call the movers to transport your things to the other part of the country. Plan transportation in advance. If you have larger or heavy items like sofas and refrigerators, call in a local truck deliveries service to haul them to your new house in advance. The movers will need time and space to lift heavy items. If you already have boxes piled up at the new house, they might leave your sofa in the front yard.

2. Hire a Moving Company with Handymen and Vehicles
To save money, hire a moving company that has large vehicles for moving your items properly and provides handymen to move the boxes. Don’t hire a moving van and people to load boxes on and off the moving van separately. It will cost a lot more.
3. Use Plastic Wrap for Fragile Items
When you pack your glassware, plates, vases and other fragile items, you should wrap them in plastic sheeting to reduce physical impact and shock. You can wrap individual items in bubble wrap and then wrap the whole box again in plastic. You never know what happens during those truck deliveries, therefore take the necessary precautions.
4. Pack Essentials in Transparent Boxes
The items that you need for everyday use—toiletries, prescription meds, your mug—these things should be packed in transparent boxes for easy access.
5. Label All Boxes
Once you have packed everything, don’t forget to add labels in big, easy-to-read fonts. Labels will help you identify what’s in which box, and also will be helpful to the movers when they place the boxes at the new house. Without the labels, the movers might pile up all the boxes in the new living room and leave.
6. Dust Items before Packing
When you are packing ornaments and such that has gathered dust, give them a quick dusting and a cleaning if necessary before packing in a box. You don’t want dusty items in your new home now do you? Also, dust from one item and contaminate a clean item during transport.
Finally, don’t forget to make a checklist of all the items you need to pack and things you need to do. Keep this checklist in hand when packing and moving. Don’t leave your old residence until you have ticked off all the boxes in the list.