Easy Ways To Storing Your Wine

What will you do when you want a nice ripped jean or butt shorts for a quick trip? I know most of you might be holding good enough clothes to go out and wouldn’t feel the need to try the method that I sometimes do. Whenever in an emergency situation, if I feel like I would just pull out some old jeans or three quarter shorts that I don’t wear anymore and get fancy with it. You can always cut them the way you wish, blade it out to give it a more street swag look and pair it up with some casual top. It’s all about doing it yourself when it comes to being creative and using the old to remake something new according to how you feel. 

This read will focus on some great ideas to building up your own wooden wine racks. I know it might seem like a really difficult thing to do at first but with the right set of material and ideas in place, you will be able to come up with some great frames to store away your drinks. There are so many affordable options in furniture stores out there but then again, there is nothing compared to something that you fix on your own to fill up your house. I will go ahead and tell you three easy was in putting up these bottle holders which is not only good for your wine but also for other bottles.

Lean on Board

If you are to hold like a collection of 5 to 6 bottles, you can always use a wooden board and tug in rope holders in the form of rings on to the board. Then you can put in the bottle head into these rings so that they will hold on to the board and this wooden piece can be kept leaning on to a pantry top. This works both as a piece of ornament as well as a frame to keep your favourite drinks.

Stylish hang on

Instead of the usual wine cellar designs, you can always create something like a swing with chains and a timber plate to hold on to the bottles. This can be hung in the pantry or in the corner of a dining area which serves the purpose plus work as a piece to add a sense of style into your house.

These are two of the modern ways that you can add to your house store your drinks away and doing this on your own will make you feel a lot better than buying something off the store as well.